Q. What is Selkirk Stone manufactured stone?
Selkirk Stone is a man-made stone product comprised of Portland Cement, lightweight aggregates, and oxide pigments. It is created to be lightweight so it can be applied to nearly any structurally sound building surface without the need for a special footing or wall ties.

Q. How is Selkirk Stone made?
Selkirk Stone is molded after carefully selected stones. Each individual stone is then hand colored and cast to create a realistic representation of the originals. Due to the handmade nature of the product, no two stones are colored alike. All colors in Selkirk Stone become integral during the casting process, and the colors used are oxide pigments meeting the criteria ofASTM C979.

Q. Will Selkirk Stone fade?
Selkirk Stone’s coloring process creates color that runs through the stone as well as accents the face of the stone. The colors used are only the highest quality, and are stable. This creates a stone that will show minimal color changes, similar to natural stone, after years of weathering. You can be assured that your project will retain its beauty for the long term, assuming proper installation.

Q. Can Selkirk Stone withstand extreme weather?
Absolutely, our products have been tested by an independent laboratory for freeze/thaw durability. This assures that our rugged northwest climate will not affect the integrity of our products.

Q. Where can I use Selkirk Stone?
Selkirk Stone can be installed on any structurally sound building surface with proper preparation. Our products can be used during new construction or easily incorporated into remodels as well. Selkirk Stone can be used in commercial or residential settings to beautify and enhance everything from an interior fireplace to exterior siding.

Q. What are some advantages of using Selkirk Stone over natural stone?
There are many advantages to using Selkirk Stone. The lightweight nature of our product (under 15 lb. per square foot.) makes it an adhered masonry product, this allows installations to occur without the need for a special footing or wall ties. This weight savings also reduces shipping costs, as well as installation costs. The installed price of Selkirk Stone can be less than ½ the cost of natural stone, and our waste factor is extremely low compared to natural stone which can average 10% or more.

Q. What kind of surfaces can Selkirk Stone be applied to?
Any structurally sound surface assuming the proper surface preparation steps are taken, wood or metal framing, wood sheathing, brick, block, and concrete to name a few. See our installation instructions for more detailed information.

Q. Can I install Selkirk Stone or should I hire a mason?
Anyone with a basic understanding of masonry can install our products, though the use of a professional stems professional results.

Q. How do I install Selkirk Stone products?
Please see our Installation instructions page.

Q. How much does Selkirk Stone weigh?
Selkirk Stone weights average approximately 8-10 lbs. square foot, and never more than 15 lbs. per square foot.

Q. Can Selkirk Stone be installed near water?
Selkirk Stone should not be installed at or below a water line such as near swimming pools. We do not recommend installations in constant contact with running water or below grade.

Q. How do I clean Selkirk Stone?
Clean water and a soft bristled brush will usually be all that is required. If needed you may use a mild detergent anda thorough rinse afterward. Under no circumstances should acidic cleaners, concrete cleaners, wire brushes or pressure washing be used.

Q. What is efflorescence and how do I clean it?
Efflorescence is a phenomenon that has the potential to occur in most masonry products, it is a deposit of soluble salts. These deposits are typically caused by moisture migration in the masonry product and they show up as white chalky residue on the surface of the stone. If cleaning is required the use of a soft bristled brush and a solution of 10 parts water: 1 part white vinegar is recommended. Thoroughly rinse with clean water after scrubbing.

Q. Do I have to seal Selkirk Stone?
Sealing is not required, although it may make cleaning easier in certain areas such as fireplaces and foundation installations close to grade. A breathable sealer such as Silane or Siloxane are recommended.  Be advised that, depending on sealer chosen, a sheen or color change may be observed.

Q. Can I cut Selkirk Stone?
Yes, very easily with wide mouth nippers, chisel, or masonry blade on a saw or angle grinder.

Q. Can I install Selkirk Stone with glue?
This is not recommended and will void the warranty.

Q. Does Selkirk Stone have a warranty?
Yes, Selkirk Stone comes with a 50 year warranty. Visit the resources page to download the full pdf detailing our warranty.